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MeInu is a decentralized cryptocurrency with instant rewards for active users


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One of the greatest advantages of Shiba, is that they build on Binance Smart Chain, a blockchain with the largest number of users on current networks. As an BEP-20 token built on Binance Smart Chain that allows MeInu to reach out to the strongest community.

MeInu's goal of success

That's why MeInu came out of the darkness. MeInu is Shiba's older, wiser sister. He is proud of all that his sister has achieved, but is quite dismayed at the fact that so many people have missed their chance to get on a rocket to the moon.

An engaged, voracious community deserves complete transparency from the property they love. That is why MeInu is now and will continue to be the most transparent meme token on the market.


Decentralized cryptocurrency for everyone, small meme for big dreams

If you think crypto memes are too small and crazy ideas, not worth to think about, in 2021, community run meme tokens have taught the crypto world a different way of thinking about us. People want to control their tokens and build a strong community for holders to support each other.

This app will be available on
iOS and Android platforms

Secure, Safe and
Easy to Use Wallet

Designed to be simple, sleek and easy to use, the MeInu,wallet has been built with the user in mind.

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Why choose Mejinu? It's simple, we make people trust.

We have active innovation, values and creativity. We think that's what will help us create a great community

Innovative and creative products

MeInu has a set of products that follow the trend of cryptocurrency and are extremely creative: Meme Games: Play to earn, MeInu NFT Collection, Art, Music... We believe that with stronger support from the community, we will soon reach 100M Marketcap. MeInu is a project 100% for the community.

Safe Investment

Liquidity is locked for good immediately after launch. LP tokens were sent to burnt address which means the liquidity could never be pulled out to insure our investors peace of mind.

NFTs and Move to earn

Art is undoubtedly one of the best forms of expression, which is why NFTs are such an important part of our project. At the same time, the NFT game Play To Earn will also be the core product of the project.

As a deflation token

The 3% fee will be deducted in every transaction and burned forever, which increases token demand and scarcity of supply.

Tokenomics and
Token Distribution

The biggest problem of Doge is that it is an Inflation Token with unlimited supply. Doge's community is exceptionally strong, but the foundation it builds on is weak. MeInu is a deflationary code. 20% of the supply is locked in Pancakeswap. 60% of the entire supply was burned before presale, while 3% of each transaction would be burned afterwards. The higher the quantity demanded, the higher the transaction volume. The more transactions, the lower the supply. This creates a positive feedback loop that will send MeInu into the stratosphere. 20% will be for presale (raising funds to provide initial liquidity), Project developer does not own any tokens. We are a project focused 100% on the community

Token Name

Mej Inu

Token Symbol


Tokens Burnt

70% Burnt

Total Supply





  • MeInu Token Contract Creation
  • MeInu Website Creation & Branding
  • MeInu ads & TG marketing
  •   MeInu PreSale
  • Pancakeswap
  • Twitter Influencer promos
  • Dextool Trending
  • List on CG
  • List on CMC
  • Release NFT Collection: MeInu
  • List on Major exchange
  • Billboard & mainstream promotion tactics
  • Aggressive marketing on TG & Twitter
  • Celebrities & Influencer Shoutouts
  • Weekly AMA’S on appropriate platforms
  • Relesed MeInu Game.


MeInu Token will adapt accordingly to market incentives and community requirements to further fuel and develop the project in order to go mainstream


Mejinu to the Moon

We will lauch the Play to Earn featue

Game's coming soon

Mejinu Moonmap,
Fasten Your Seatbelt

When you see the moon through MeInu’s eyes, you see what a remarkable place it really is. It’s a new world filled with adventure, laughter, and excitement.

  • Further Develop and expand our Eco system
  • Staking NFT
  • List on more Major exchanges, starting with MXC
  • Expand brand awareness and develop use case product
  • Celebrities & Influencer Shoutouts
  • Contract Audit by Certik


Share your idea,
creative with MeInu.

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